The nursing curriculum stipulated by Indian nursing council is well defined and is followed to the core. Karpaga vinayaga college of Nursing offers short courses (minimum 16 hours duration) that help the students to prepare themselves for the placements and attain greater heights in their career.

College offers following carrier oriented courses with the help of outside experts and in-house experienced faculty. For each course coordinator is designated who takes responsibility of smooth conduction of the course. The objective of the add on course is to help the students to enrich their skills and increase employability.

Value added courses are intended to provide the students advance skills that is going to be useful in their curriculum and placement

Last five years 756 (145  +  142 + 142 +190 + 137) students have completed various value added courses successfully.

Value added Courses offered

  1. Leadership skills: Course is designed to enhance the ability of participants to evolve and adapt to the constant changed in the health care industry. It helps to improve their skill in planning, decision making and work as a team for best clinical outcome.
  2. Soft skill training: Course is designed to enhance effective communication with patients and health care team members which enables the delivery of safe, quality care.
  3. Entrepreneurship programme: Course is offered to help the participants to acquire the skill of self-employed practice in terms of direct nursing care, education, research, administrative or consultative nature.
  4. Awareness of GOV job opportunities: Course is aimed to enhance the awareness of participants about state and central government job opportunities for their better career development.  
  5. .Legal awareness and nursing implication: course is designed for the participants to understand the legal implications/ formalities in nursing practice and to make correct documentation of records to ensure the quality of care rendered to the patients.
  6. Integrated skill development to enhance employability and career (Ripe):Course is designed for the participants to acquire skill necessary for better placement and carrier development.
  7. Health insurance implication in nursing: Course is designed for the participants to develop cognizance on importance of health insurance and its implication in nursing in order to help the patients’ accessibility to high quality care.
  8. Physical training programme : Course is designed to enhance the knowledge of the participants on exercises and physical fitness which foster health and well-being .
  9. Bio ethics: Course is developed to help the participants to understand the  Principles of ethics and its implications in nursing practice
  10. Spoken English: Course is aimed to enhance the skill of the participants  to talk and communicate in English .
  11. Women’s defense training programme: Course is designed to empower women, enable them to defend against any type of physical assault and to build self-confidence.
  12. Internet surfing: Course is devised to help the participants to enhance their knowledge on information, connectivity and sharing as an essential part of life and educational perspective.
  13. Stress management: Course is intended to provide knowledge and attitude on management of stress and coping strategies to maintain wellbeing and to live in harmony.
  14. Yoga training: Course is designed to boost up the regular practice of yoga in order to maintain health and wellbeing which augments the comprehensive development of the person.

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