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Inter-college and intra-college sports events

Name of the programme :  Sports Meet 2014

Date of the Events :  22.11.2014

Venue :  Sports Ground

Number of the Participants:   No’s (184)

Report :  The SNA Unit of Karpaga Vinayaga College of Nursing  conducted sports meet 2014 on 11.11.2014 to 13.11.2014. Mr. Ezhil and Mr. Murali Physical director, divided the students into three houses namely Cheran, Cholan, Pandian. Totally 15 events were conducted in 3 days. Valedictory  function was conducted on 22.11.2014, in the presence of our Managing Director Dr. Annamalai, Dr. T.Komalavalli, Principal,KVCN and the Chief Guest Mr. Manickam,professor, M.A.,M.Ed.,M.Phil, District Secretary, Indian Red Cross society, Kancheepuram District. Welcome address given by Ms. Girija, SNA  Secretary, sports meet special address was given by Principal, National flag was hoisted by Managing Director, continued  of this sports flag hoisted by Mr. Manickam, Professor, special guest. Prizes were distributed for the winners by our MD, Special guest, Principal and parents. Vote of thanks was given by Ms.Priyanka IV yr B.Sc (N) .

Sports is integral part during the college life. Student’s physical growth along with intellectual growth is vital for development of the student.

KVCN promotes Inter-college and intra-college sports events to showcase their talents in sport related activities.  

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