Value Added/Add on Courses

The medical curriculum stipulated by MCI is well defined and is followed to the core. KIMS & RC offers short courses (minimum 16 hours duration) that helps the students to prepare themselves for the placements and attain greater heights in their career.

College offers following courses with the help of outside experts and in-house experienced faculty. For each course aco-ordinator is designated who takes responsibility of smooth conduction of the course.Last five years

1196 (496  +  268 + 236 +163 + 33 ) students has been completed various value added courses successfully.

Value added Courses offered:

          1.Basics of Computer Science: Course is designed for the freshers to accomplish them in computer basics that is needed in medical education. Course               provided hands on training to enrolled participants.

          2.Building Leadership Skills: leadership is important in high quality medical care. The course provides foundation of leadership skills that helps in                         decision making, smart planning and work as a team for best clinical outcome.

          3.Legal Awareness in Medical Profession: course is designed to know legal implications/ formalities in various medical situations and to make correct                 documentation of medical records.

          4.Stress Management: enables participants to consider effective management of stress and implement coping strategies to prevent it at personal and                  professional level.

          5.Art in Anatomy: enable students to learn art of model making and study Anatomy with interest.

          6.Research Paper Writing and Proposal Submission: is designed students to enrich their knowledge in the field of research and helps them to submit                   the research proposal with confidence.

         7.Good Parenting:course is developed to understand role of parent, cultivate good parenting skills that are helpful while counselling regarding parenting                  to their patients.

         8.Language and Communication: is designed specially for outside state students to learn local language which helps during history taking.

The course offered for Allied health Sciences students are:

      1.Theatre Equipment & fault detection

      2.Crisis Management in CT & MRI

      3.Emergency Preparedness and first response training

      4.Establishment of Clinical Laboratory

       5.Legal Awareness in Medical Profession

       6.English Fluency

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