Continuing Medical Education(CME) programmes & Publication, conferences academic activities conducted by the institution.


Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Organized by ENT Department

Topic:Introduction to sleep apnoea: Dr Madangopal

Topic:Diagnosis of Sleep Apnoea: Dr Chitra Kumar

Topic:Medical Management and CPAP: Dr Thalapathy Ramkumar, HOD, Madras Medical College 

Topic:Surgical Approaches for snoring and sleep apnea: Dr P Vijaya Krishnan, HOD Snoring and Sleep apnea, MERF

Male infertility

Organized by Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Topic:Introduction to Male Infertility: Dr SNS Minnalkodi

Topic:Clinical evaluation, semen analysis and Special tests: Dr Sathya Balsubramanyam

Topic:Medical and Surgical Management: Dr N Sanjeev Reddy

Topic:ART & Semen Analysis: Dr P M Gopinath

Topic:Reporting and clinical implications of semen analysis and hands on training: Mr D Vishwanathan


Day 1

Organized by Department of General Medicine

Topic:Neurological manifestations of systemic diseases: Dr G Balaji

Topic:An update on Diabetic Infections: Dr Krishna G Seshathri

Topic:How to start antibiotic in ICU patients: Dr Vijay Anand

Topic:An update on Adult Immunization : Dr Ramsubramanian V

Topic:An update on cardiac Infections: Dr Suresh Kumar P

Topic:Approach to Viral encephalitis: Dr Ramchandran V

Day 2

Topic:Workshop on ECG basics and beyond : Dr M Chenniappan

Obesity: let’s talk to walk

Organized by Department of Physiology

Topic:Pathophysiology of Obesity: Dr S Roopa, Panimalar Medical College Hospital, Chennai

Topic:Psychological impact on childhood and adolescent obesity: Dr S Arumuganathan, KIMS & RC

Topic:Management of Obesity: Dr Krishna Seshadri, Apollo hospitals, Chennai

Interventional cardiology 

Organized by Department of General Medicine and Cardiology

Topic:Interventional cardiology-an overview: Dr J Avinash

Topic:Percutaneous Intervention in ACS: Dr S Ragothaman

Ethical and Legal Issues in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Organized by Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Topic:Discussion related with laws: Honorable P Velumurugan

Topic:Discussion regarding Medicolegal Cases: P C Thenmozhi

Topic:Legal issues in Clinical Practice: Dr R Selvakumar

Topic:POCSO act: Dr D Gitanjali       

Topic:Crime scene reconstruction: its relevance and scope

Medical lab-Internal Audit & Quality Management System

Organized by Department of Biochemistry

Topic:Preparation and documentation of SOP, QSP

Topic:Practical & Statistical exercises

Topic:Statistical Quality Control

Topic:Plotting of LJ charts & QC correction

Topic:Preparation of Audit check list

Pharmacovigilance-Drug safety signals

Organized by Department of Pharmacology

Topic:Adverse drug reaction: Dr R Navjothi, Govt Medical College, Pudukottai

Topic:Awareness of Pharmacovigilance: Dr S Vijayalakshmi, KIMS & RC

Topic:News letter updating- Mr T ThirumalaiNambi, Technical associate, ANC, Madurai

Topic:Hands on training on ADR reporting and Causality assessment

Updates in Cornea-2019

Organized by Department of Ophthalmology

Topic:Anatomy of cornea-Dr T L Anbumani, KIMS& RC

Topic:Refractive Surgeries- Dr Kalpana Suresh, Kalpana Eye Care

Topic:Eye Bank & Keratoplasty -Dr M Soundaram, Hindu Mission Hospital, Chennai

Topic:Hands on training on Animal eye, Keratometry, Specular Microscopy

Basics of Anesthesia

Organized by Department of Anesthesia

Topic:Pre-anesthetic assessment: Dr Uma G

Topic:Biological reference interval: Dr Parthiban M

Topic:Pre-operative optimization of common comorbids: Dr Anju Daniel

Topic:Immediate post-operative care: Dr P Manohar

Topic:Workshop on Anesthesia Machine, Supraglottic airway, Spinal epidural Anesthesia, Intubation Aids

Negative pressure Wound therapy

Organized by Department of Surgery

Topic:Introduction on Negative pressure Wound therapy: Dr Ramula HOD, Surgery KIMS & RC

Topic:Role of Negative pressure Wound therapy in Orthopedics:  Dr Selvaraj, HOD, Orthopedics, KIMS& RC

A Holistic approach to congenital anomalies of foot

Organized by Department of Anatomy

Topic:Anatomy of foot and it’s development: Dr K Radha, Vinayaga Mission Medical College, Karaikal

Topic:Congenital anomalies of foot-clinical assessment and surgical management: Dr Navin Kumar, C-DOT Hospital Chennai

Topic:Congenital anomalies of foot-Conservative management and post-surgical rehabilitation, Dr R Karthikeyan, Sri Balaji Medical College & Hospital


Organized by Department of Psychiatry

Topic:Delirium: Dr S Sudhakar, Chengalpattu Medical College

Topic:Psychiatric Aspects of Epilepsy: Dr Yamini Kanaappan, Kauvery Hospital, Chennai

Topic:Movement disorders and Psychiatry: Dr Jayakumar Menon, SRMC, Porur

Topic:Psychiatric aspects of Stroke: Dr S Arumugnathan, KIMS & RC

CME on World Health Day-2019

Organized by Department of Community Medicine

Topic:World Health Day previous year theme: Dr E Karthikeyan

Topic:World Health Day theme 2019: Dr Roseline Fatima William

Topic:Burden of Communicable Diseases: Dr Vijay Bhagat

Topic:Burden of non-communicable Diseases: Dr Roseline Fatima William

Immunization week 

Organized by Department of Pediatrics

Topic:24 April 2019: Immunization awareness in UHC, PHC

Topic:25 April 2019: Adoloscent Vaccine: need of hour: Dr R Somsekar

Topic:26 April 2019: Preliminary Quiz on Vaccination for Final Year MBBS

Topic:27 April 2019: Awareness of Immunization in Post-natal ward

Topic:28 April 2019: Awareness of Immunization in Antenatal ward

Topic:29 April 2019: Role play: Immunization

Topic:30 April 2019: Final Quiz on Immunization


Organized by Department of General Surgery

Day 1

Topic:Surgical Management of DFU: Dr V T Arasu, Chengalpattu Medical College

Topic:Limb Salvage Surgery: Dr Rajavelu, Vellore Medical College

Topic:Revascularization of Ischemic Diabetic foot: Dr S R Subramanian

Topic:Prevention of Amputation: Dr Vijay Vishwanath

Topic:Vascular Insufficiency in patients with diabetic foot: Dr Dheepak Selvaraj

Topic:Amputations in Diabetic foot: Dr Selvaraj

Topic:Reconstruction in Diabetic foot: Dr Senkhatir Selvan

Day 2

Topic:DFU- a Malasian experience, Dr Mogan Naidu, Founding Chairman, MDLSS

Topic:Diabetic foot screening- A complete and comprehensive limb salvage screening: Dr KarunaiVael, Treasurer MDLSS

Topic:Wound Bed Preparation in diabetic foot care-crucial steps: Dr Rama Duraisamy, Vice Chairman, MDLSS

Topic:Offloading and footwear for DFU-mandatory in treating DFU: Dr S Santhi, Founding committee-MDLSS

Topic:Serial Minimal Invasive Surgery in diabetic foot infection-case study presentation: a new approach for lower limb surgery: Dr Mogan Naidu

Topic:Hands on Workshop with live Surgeries

Recent updates in Tuberculosis-2019

Organized by Department of Pulmonary Medicine

Topic:Epidemiology & Goals of Tb control in India: Dr R Srudhar, Superintendent, GHTM, Tambaram

Topic:Definitions, diagnosis & treatment of drug sensitive TB as per RNTCP, Dr A Senthilkumar, DD of Medical Services

Topic:Recent advances in Diagnosis & Treatment of TB including LTBI: Dr A Chothrakumar, KIMS & RC

Topic:Challenges in the Diagnosis & Management of TB in HIV infection, Dr A Mahil Maran, Director, ITM/ MMC Chetpet, Chennai

Topic:Treatment of TB in special situations: Dr N Nalini Jayanthi, SRM Medical College


Organized by Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Conduct of Normal Labour

Eclampsia Management

Procedure of Instrumental Delivery

Assisted Breech Delivery

Shoulder dystocia drill

PPIUCD insertion technique

Steps of neonatal Resuscitation

Pediatric Cardiology Update

Organized by Department of Pediatrics

Topic:Update on Rheumatic Fever: Dr P Suresh Kumar, Chengalpattu Medical College

Topic:Current strategies in Surgical Management of Congenital Heart Disease: Dr Gopi Nallaiyan, Devdas Multi-speciality Hospital, Madurai

Topic:Approach to congenital Heart disease: Dr C S Arulparithi, KIMS & RC


Headache & its evaluation

Organized by Department of ENT

Topic:Introduction on Headache: Dr R Madana Gopal, KIMS& RC

Topic:Neurological aspects of headache: Dr L Shankarnarayanan, Neurologist, Tambaram

Topic:Headache related aspects in ENT: Dr K Ravi, ESIC Medical College

Topic:Headache & Ophthalmic causes: Dr A C Aparna, KIMS & RC

Topic:Psychiatric aspects of headache: Dr T Siva Ilango, KIMS & RC


Organized by Department of General Medicine

Day 1

Topic:Swine Flu-the outbreak: Dr P SenthurNambi, Consultant, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Topic:AKI-what’s new: Dr P Sundarajan, Savitha University, Chennai

Topic:RA-Newer modalities of treatment, Dr S Sriram, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Topic:DM-evolving concepts in treatment: Dr R Madhavan, Institute of Diabetology, MMC, Chennai

Topic:Stroke-a matter of concern: Dr G Balaji, Chengalpattu Medical College

Topic:Recent advances in Management of Cardiac Failure: Dr M Chenniappan, Ramkrishna Nursing home, Trichy

Day 2

Topic:Workshop arrhythmias unraveled: Dr N Chenniappan, Ramkrishna Nursing home, Trichy

Topic:Chamber enlargement, Bundle Branch Block, Fascicular block, Premature beats, Narrow QRS tachycardia, Wide QRS tachycardia, Brady-arrhythmias

National conference on update in Pathology

Organized by Department of Pathology

Topic:Approach to the diagnosis of bone tumors: Dr Nirmala Jembhekar, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

Topic:How to report Bone marrow aspiration Biopsy-Diagnosis and interpretation with examples: Dr Sumeet Gujral, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

Topic:Pattern analysis of Pediatric Malignancies: Dr P Karkuzhali, Sri Balaji Medical College

Topic:Surgical Pathology: Slide Seminar: Dr J Bharathi Vidhya Jayanthi, MMC Chennai

Topic:Interesting surgical pathological cases: Dr Sandhya Sundaram, SRMC, Porur

Topic:Reporting Breast cancer Specimens: Dr Asawari Patil, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

Topic:Pattern recognition in Inflammatory dermatoses: Dr Sankar Sundaram, Kottayam Medical College, Kerala

Topic:An update on prognostic parameters & synoptic reporting in oral cancers: Dr Jaydeep Pol, Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Miraj

Topic:Adequacy of pathology report on colorectal cancer: Dr Munita Bal, Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Miraj

Topic:Update in WHO classifications of CNS tumors & New IHC markers in their evaluation: Dr MeghaUppin, Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad

Osteoporosis today

Organized by Department of Orthopedics

Topic:Calcium Metabolism, biochemistry: Dr Santosh V, KIMS & RC

Topic:Diagnosis and Medical Management of Osteoporosis: Dr Sujatha S, KIMS & RC

Topic:Post-Menopausal osteoporosis: Dr AR Chakravarthy, Ex Dean KIMS & RC

Topic:Management of extreme fractures in Osteoporosis current concepts: Dr Mohan Kumar

Topic:Osteoporotic Spinal Problems evaluation & management: Dr Nalli R Uvaraj

Topic:Strategies for joint replacement in Osteoporosis: Dr Singaravadivelu V

Common Disorders of Retina

Organized by Ophthalmology

Topic:Diabetic Retinopathy – Dr N Kasinathan, Shankar Nethralaya, Chennai

Topic:Retinopathy of prematurity and Retinopathy in toxemia of pregnancy – Dr Karthik Srinivasan, Arvanid eye Hospital, Chennai

Topic:Vascular disorders of the retina – Dr R Hemalatha, Hindu Mission Hospital, Chennai

Topic:Acquired macular disorders –  Dr A C Aparna, Shankar Nethralaya, Chennai

MICROBE 2018      

Organized by Department of Microbiology

Topic:Emergence of antibiotic resistance a road map – Dr Bhaskar M, Govt. Vellore Medical College

Topic:Antibiotic resistance in Gram positive organisms – Dr Thyagarajan R, Kilpauk Medical College

Topic:Antibiotic resistance in Gram Negative organisms – Dr U Umadevi, Madras Medical College 

Topic:Antimicrobial Susceptibilities and their interpretation – Dr Naveen Kumar, CMC Vellore 

Topic:Antibiotics Stewardship new friend – Dr Apurva Sastry, JIPMER Pondicherry

Topic:Newer antimicrobial agents – The Pipeline – Dr D Anusha, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research

LEMECON 2018: National conference on Learning & Memory

Organized by Department of Physiology

Date: 6.10.2018, 7.10.2018


Topic:Physiology of Learning & Memory: Dr A. Anitha, Chengalpattu Medical College

Topic:Neurobiology of Learning & Memory: Dr Bindu M Kutty, NIMHANS, Bengaluru

Topic:Applications of learning theories in Medical Education: Dr B V Adkoli, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, Puducherry

Topic:Effect of aging on Learning and Memory: Dr G Usha, MMC, Chennai

Day 2

Topic:Learning disabilities in Children: Dr Nandita De Souza, Director, Sethu Child Development and Family Guidance, Goa

Topic:Assessment of Learning and Memory: Dr Himani Kashyap, NIMHANS, Bengaluru

Topic:Improving Memory & cognitive excercises: Dr Rajkumari Reddy,NIMHANS, Bengaluru

Basic updates in Head & Neck Cancer

Organized by Department of General Surgery and oral maxillofacial Surgery

Topic:Overview of head and neck cancer: Dr A Mathan Mohan, KIDS & RC

Topic:Squamous cell carcinoma Head & Neck: Dr N Sadiya, Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Topic:Radiological approach in Head and Neck Cancer: Dr A. Ameen Raja, KIMS & RC

Topic:Reconstruction of Head and Neck cancer: Dr Subra Chauhan, Gleneagles global hospital, Chennai

Topic:Neck dissection: Dr Rinku George, Oral cancer Institute, Savitha Dental College

Topic:Management of Laryngeal Cancer: Dr Kannan, Apollo hospitals, Chennai

Topic:Chemoradiation: Dr Bhaskar, Chengalpattu Medical College

Topic:Salivary gland tumors: Dr Bharanidharan, Govt. Villupuram Medical College

Topic:Thyroid Malignancies: Dr M Ramula, KIMS& RC

MR Neuroimaging advanced CME

Organized by Department of Radiology

Topic:MR Techniques and its neuroclinical applications – Dr A Ameen, Professor and HOD Radiology, KIMS&RC

Topic:MR Role in intra and extra axial brain tumors – Dr B Karpagam, Tagore Medical College

Topic:MR Role in intracranial emergencies – Dr I Venkatraman, Balaji Medical College

Topic:MR Role in epilepsy – Dr K V Rajasekhar, Meenakshi Medical College

Topic:MR Clinical application in ring enhancing lesions – Dr I Gurubharath, Sri Sathya Sai Medical College

Topic:MR Imaging in Dementia – Dr N C Premkumar, SRM Medical College

Topic:MR Imaging n ischemic stroke – Dr Arunan Murali, Sri Ramachandra Medical College

Design of Experiments in Clinical Research

Organized by Department of Community Medicine

Day -1

Topic:Introduction to study designs – Dr Archana Lakshmi P A , KIMS&RC

Topic:RCT and its principles – Dr Christina Mary Paul, ACS University

Topic:Cross over studies parallel, factorial design – Dr Parameshwari P, Chengalpattu Medical College

Topic:Equivalence superiority, Non inferiority, Sequential Trails – Mrs J AnithaCacelia, CTS Chennai

Topic:Cluster Randomization Trials – Dr Basilea Watson, NIRT (TRC)

Topic:Ethics in clinical Trail – Dr Christina Mary Paul, ACS University

Topic:Demonstration on Trials – Dr Archana Lakshmi P A , KIMS&RC

Day – 2

Topic:Sample size calculation in Clinical Trial – Mrs Sylvia Jayakumar, Statshub, Consulting Services

Topic:Sample size practical – Dr H Gladius Jennifer, KIMS&RC

Topic:Repeated Measurements Designs – Mrs Sylvia Jayakumar, Statshub, Consulting Services

Topic:RM activity – Dr H Gladius Jennifer , KIMS&RC

Topic:Survival analysis – Mrs M L Kavitha, Biostatistics, CMC Vellore

Pulmonology: Basics & beyond

Organized by Department of Pulmonary Medicine

Topic:Chest Examination: Dr Ranganathan, Consultant Pulmonologist, Chennai

Topic:Asthma, COPD Birds of same feather : Dr Prasanna Kumar Thomas, Consultant Pulmonologist, Apollo Hospitals

Topic:Lung Malignancy an overview: Dr A Mahil Maran, Director ITM, Chennai

Topic:Pulmonary thromboembolism an overview: Dr N Manohar, Cardiologist, KIMS & RC

Topic:CT Chest Basics: Dr A Ameen Raja, Radiologist, KIMS & RC

Topic:Imaging in Tuberculosis: Dr Chitra Kumar, KIMS & RC

Topic:RNTCP Newer treatment guidelines : Dr R Sridhar, Superintendent, GHTM, Tambaram

Updates on Common Skin Diseases

Organized by Department of Dermatology

Topic:Superficial fungal infections – Dr R Madhu, MMC, Chennai

Topic:Recent Updates in Psoriasis – Dr Jayaraman, APpollo Hospital, Chennai

Topic:Recent updates in Leprosy – Dr K Manoharan, Balaji Medical College

Topic:Clincal approach to secually transmitted infections- Dr N Usman, Tagore Medical College

Common Mental Disorder Identification and Management

Organized by Department of Psychiatry

Topic:Anxiety Disorder  – Dr G Vanishree, IMH, Chennai

Depression – Dr M Malaiappan, KMC Chennai

Stress Related Disorders, Dr V Sabitha, IMH Chennai

Medically unexplained somatic symptoms – Dr T Siva Ilango, KIMS&RC

Renal Update in Children

Organized by Department of Paediatric

Topic:Reflux nephropathy – Dr R Padmanabhan, SRM University

Topic:PUJ Obstruction – Dr S Govindha Raju, KIMS RC

Topic:Hematuria in Children – Dr A Ramnath, KIMS&RC

Topic:Robotic surgery in children – Dr V Sripathi, AppolloChildrens Hospital, Chennai

Zebrafish-a promising research model

Organized by Department of Pharmacology

Topic:Why Zebrafish is a promising model?

Topic:Dissection of Organs from Zebrafish-Hands on

Topic:Regeneration model- presence of blastemal cells

Topic:Cognitive Model- swimming velocity for anxiety, color preference for anxiety

Topic:Hypertrophy model- Heart Anatomy and Pathology

Topic:Nephritis Model- Kidney Anatomy and Pathology

Topic:CNS Degeneration Model

Topic:Mode of Induction: How to choose mode of Induction, method used


Head & Neck: Surgical trends

Organized by Department of Surgery

Topic:Thyroid Diseases: Dr Senthil Kumar, Endocrine Surgeon

Topic:Salivary Gland Diseases: Dr G Chandrasekar

Topic:Oral cavity Diseases: Dr D Jayakumar

Topic:Flap cover: Dr P Rajendran

CME – 2017

Organized by Department of Orthopedics

Topic:Anatomy of Spinalcord and Spinal Nerves with applied anatomy – Dr T L Ambumani

Topic:Pathophysiology of Nerve Compression – Dr NavinRajaramtnam

Topic:Neurological examination of spinal cord injuries and localization of lesions – Dr Venkatesh K

Topic:Brachial plexus: Anatomy and Applied anatomy – Dr Aruna S

Topic:Peripheral Nerve Injuries of upperlimb evaluation and Management – Dr Srikanth R

Topic:Lumbosacral plexus – Anatomy and Applied anatomy – Dr S Girija

Topic:Peripheral Nerve Injuries of lower limb evaluation and Management – Dr Srikanth R

Topic:Nerve repair, reconstruction and transfers – Dr G S Radhakrishnan


Organized by Department of General Medicine

Day -1

Topic:Recent concepts in management of septic shock – Dr P C Vijaykumar, Intensivist, Sooriya Hospital

Topic:Arrhythmias scary or easy – Dr P Manohar, Interventional Cardiologist, SRMC

Topic:Time is Brain – approach to acute ischemic stroke – Dr V Sathish Kumar, Neurologist, Fortis Malar Hospital

Topic:Dilemmas in diagnosis and management of metabolic acidosis – Dr Lenin Babu, Intensivist, JIPMER, Pondicherry

Topic:Metabolic and Endocrine emergencies – Dr Krishna G Seshadri, Endocrinologist, Fortis Malar Hospital

Topic:Approach to Insecticide poisoning – Dr S Krishnamoorthy, KIMS &RC

Day – 2

Topic:Workshop on mechanical ventilation with Hands on Training – Dr Devachandran, Dr Sabanayagam, Mquet Medical India PVT Ltd.

MICROBE – 2017

Organized by department of Microbiology

Topic:Ventilated associated pneumonia update – Dr NoyalMariya Joseph, JIPMER, Pondicherry

Topic:Blood stream Infections – Dr Rosy Vennila, MMC

Topic:Surgical site infections – Dr Thasneem Banu S, MMC

Topic:Catheter associated urinary tract infections – Dr Govindha Raju, KIMS & RC 

Topic:Infection control practices in Hospital, Dr Thyagarajan R, Govt. Kilpauk Medical College, and Chennai

Recent Trends in Rhinosinusitis

Organized by Department of ENT

Topic:Recent trends in medical management of Rhinosinusitis – Dr M Gowrishankar, Chengalpattu Medical College

Topic:Surgical management of Rhinosinusitis – Dr R Muthukumar, MMC, Chennai

Topic:Management of Complications of FESS – Dr G Sundhar Krishnan, PhD in skull based surgery

Pharmacovigilance-Sensitization & Reporting

Organized by Department of Pharmacology

Topic:Role of Health care professionals in ADR monitoring and PV program: Dr S Manikandan, JIPMER, Pondicherry

Topic:Pharmacovigilance program of India-Vigiflow: Mr C Stalin, KMC, Chennai



Organized by: Department of Medicine KIMS

Topic: Prevention of Acute Kidney Injuryby Dr. S. Sathiyan, Dr. V. Gopal Dass

Topic: Cardiac Interventions – An Updateby Dr. P. Manohar, Dr. R. N. Manikandan

Topic: Approach to Epilepsy by Dr. L. Sankara Narayanan, Dr. K.E Arumugam

Topic: Hypertensive emergencies by Dr. P. Chitrambalam, Dr. P. V .Bhaskar Reddy

Topic: Clinical approach to Liver Function Tests by Dr. S. Joseph JensinghBabu, Dr. R. Kulothungan

Topic: Learning form Endocrine cases by Dr. Krishna G. Seshadri, Dr. P.V Bhaskar Reddy

Topic: FUO by Dr. S. Sujatha, Dr. V. Gopal Dass


Organized by:Department of Orthopaedics& IMA KIMS

Topic: Bone anatomy & Path Anatomy of Osteoporotic Boneby, Dr. T.L. Anbumani KIMS,

Topic: Physiologist’s perspectiveby, Dr. Navin Rajaratnam, KIMS

Topic: Physician’s Prespectiveby, Dr. J. Geetha, KIMS

Topic: Orthopaedician’sPrespectiveby, Dr. T. Sankarlal, KIMS

CME on Comprehensive Trauma Life Support

Organized by:Department of Anaesthesiology

Topic: Initial Assessment, Primary Survey, Adjuncts & Management Secondary Survey & Adjunctsby, Dr. T.V. Ramakrishnan

Topic: Airway Assessment &Managementby, Dr. Venkateshwara

Topic: Intraosseous Workshop/ Cricothyroidotomy Workshopby, All Faculty

Topic: Haemorrhage Assessment & Managementby, Dr. G. Parameshwara

Topic: Severe Head Injury Assessment & Managementby Dr. Venkatesh. H.K

Topic: Abdominal Trauma Assessment & Managementby Dr. Ramya Ramakrishnan

Topic: Thoracic Trauma Assessment & Managementby Dr. Debashish Roy

Topic: Airway/RSI Workshop/ Chest Tub Workshopby All Faculty

CME on World Deafness Day

Organized by:Department of ENT,KIMS

Topic: Importance of Early Intervention for a person of Hard of Hearing by Dr. Anu Jacob

Topic: ABCH (Any Body Can Hear)by Dr. Dr. Ajaiy,

Topic: Distribution of Hearing Aids

CME on Visual Electrophysiology and its Diagnostic Applications

Organized by: Department of Physiology & Ophthalmology KIMS

Topic: Physiology of Visionby Dr. Arifath. M

Topic: Clinical Applications of VEP by Dr. Annapurana Kumar,

Topic: Clinical application of ERG & EOG by Dr. Karthik Kumar,

Topic: Demonstration of Visual Electrophysiology Tests by Dr. S. Vadivel, & Dr. Navin Rajaratnam,

CME on Workshop on Research Methodology

Organized by: Department of Community Medicine KIMS

Topic: Importance of post research in post graduate education & research designs.  by Dr. Logaraj, Professor & Head, SRM Medical College, Chennai.

Topic: Observational studies by Dr. D. C. Vidya, KIMS

Topic: Analytical studies by Dr.Karthikeyan, KIMS

Topic: Questionnaire designing by Dr. Shanti Edward, SRMC, Chennai

Topic: RCT by Dr. Archanalakshmi, KIMS

Topic: Qualitative studies by Dr. Prasan Norman, KIMS

Topic: Sampling methods & sample calculationby Ms. Gladius Jennifer

Topic: Review of Literatureby Dr. Roseline Fatima William, KIMS

Topic: Representation of Data by Ms. Gladius Jennifer

TopicInterpretation of Data & Tests of Significance by Dr. John W Felix, RMMC, Chidambaram

TopicRegulatory, Ethical Issues and animal studies By Dr. Manikandan, JIPMER

Topic: How to read a article? by Dr. Srikanth, SVMCH, Puducherry

CME on “Beat O Diabetis”-World Health Day 2016

Organized by: Department of Community Medicine, KIMS

Topic: World health day- evolution & previous year themes by Dr. D. C. Vidya, KIMS

Topic: Introduction of the World health day theme for 2016 7 WHO advocacy by Dr. Karthikeyan, KIMS

Topic: Key principals in the management of Diabetes  by Dr. Appandraj, KIMS

Topic: Epidemiology & Prevention of Diabetes by Dr. Archanalakshmi, KIMS

CME on Understanding Creator’s creation by his creators creative ( Making of an easy expressive educational AIDS)

Organized by: Department of Anatomy, KIMS

Topic: “ Eastable Embryology ( Embryology Made Easy by Eatable Models)by Dr. V. Muniyappan

Topic: Plastinationby Dr. K. Shanmuganathan

Topic: Exploring Limbic System with Educational AID by Dr. T.L Anbumani,

Topic: Practical Demonstration and Teaching of Model Makingby Dr. V. Muniyappan,

Topic: Demonstration of Making Plastination Cross Sectional Models by Dr. K. Shanmuganathan


Organized by: Department of Microbiology, KIMS

Topic: PCR A tool for Molecular diagnosis of diseaseby Dr. S.P .Thyagarajan


Topic:Monovalent IgY antibodies and its clinical applications by Dr. A. Michael

Topic: Recent advances in fungal diagnosis by Dr. Philip A Thomas

Topic: Fungal nanaparticles and its clinical applicationby Dr. N. Prabhusaran


Community Medicine

7th April, 2015

CME 2015

Food Safety

General Medicine

23rd April, 2015

CME 2015

Medical Emergencies


3-4th, January, 2015

National Conference

Pondicherry Orthopaedic association Conference



11-12th September, 2014

National Conference

Applications of Radio active isotopes in Modern healthacare and energy


8th Oct.2014

CME 2014

Alcohol use disorders – An update


22nd Aug.2014

CME 2014

Topics on medical & clinical research


9th July 2014

CME 2014

Update on Recent Advances in common ENT Ailments


14th November, 2014

CME 2014

Update on cancer cervix


28th Oct.2014

CME 2014

Paediatric update


20th November, 2014

CME 2014

An insight into Anatomy of Uterus and its clinical conditions.

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